Kriger Training Program

The Kriger Training Program is designed for anyone who wants to be a competitive athlete. This program is based on the training philosophy for the 2019 Second Fittest Woman on Earth and 7-time CrossFit Games athlete Kristin Holte and you will be doing the same workouts as Kristin does. We will share results, videos and tips for the workouts on our Members only Facebook page.

Our philosophy is quality over quantity and for every session you will get specific things to focus on and what intensity we want you to hold for each workout. The program will be divided into two sessions each day, but the volume is low enough to put everything into one session if that fits your schedule better. We do blocks of 6 weeks and for every new training cycle you will get detailed insight into the goal for the next 6 weeks and what kind of adaptations you can do for your specific goal.

The Kriger Training Program includes:

  • Daily Mindset Track
  • Specific Warm Up routines
  • 10 Training Sessions per week (This can also be done as 5 longer single sessions per week)
  • Coaches Notes (with specific goals for each session )

This program is designed for the competitive athlete, which means that you should be well known with all the CrossFit movements and have the time and capacity to train 5 days per week. We do offer scaling options for the more advanced gymnastic movements and for the weight loading in metcons, which will be found in Coaches Notes.

The program includes skill work, strength work, olympic lifting, accessories and metabolic conditioning.